Customs procedures

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With a staff of young, energetic, professional and experienced in arranging customs procedures for import and export goods, you will be assured of using our services.


VTM Logistics can assist, advise and provide clearance services for import and export goods at all major ports and airports in Vietnam, with the following types:
   1. Import and export goods (trade).
   2. Non-commercial exports and imports.
   3. Goods imported for production - export or import for processing.
   4. Goods imported for investment projects.
VTM Logistics also provides other support services including:
   1. Consultancy in packing and packaging of import and export goods.
   2. And disinfect the export lot in accordance with import standards of importing countries.
   3. Arrange other certificates such as "Certificate of Origin", "Certificate of Plant Quarantine" ... for export goods. And import licenses as prescribed for imports.
   4. Export and import consignment.

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